“By hammer and hand do all things stand”
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Our Approach

Our ApproachWhether you need help choosing the right block of land to build on, design the home of your dreams that is suitable to its location, a home renovation, help with Council approval, and building a state-of-the-art energy efficient smart home with no hassles – Jakobovski Homes can assist you with part of, or the entire process.

Jakobovski Homes prides itself to do the work:

  • In a proper manner;
  • Using good and suitable materials;
  • Using new materials unless otherwise stated;
  • In accordance with the plans and specifications, as outlined in the contract;
  • In accordance with the laws including the Building Act and regulations;
  • Within the timeline specified in the contract;
  • So as to be fit to be occupied when completed, if occupation is intended;
  • So as to live up to any result your builder agrees it must achieve; and
  • So as to comply with the standards set out in the contract.
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